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SOUNDSORY® Headphone - Music & Movement Program for your BRAIN & BODY

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"We believe in Neuroplasticity!"

At any age, the brain can change itself and create new connections throughout specific and repeated stimulation. The SOUNDSORY® program is designed to capture brain attention and provide strong, multi-sensory stimulation. It helps the brain reorganize itself by forming new neural connections.

SOUNDSORY is a multi-sensory home based programme which combines sound with movement to stimulate the vestibular and auditory systems simultaneously. This integrated method provides a unique approach to sensory processing, emotional regulation and cognitive skill development.


SOUNDSORY® is designed to be safe & effective. It can help people with:

  • Motor delays, Balance & Coordination
  • Autism spectrum & Development delays
  • Sensory & Auditory processing disorders
  • ADD & ADHD

1) Improves Movement, Balance and Coordination

  • The SOUNDSORY® movement program focuses on building proprioceptive abilities through specific, repetitive movement exercises.
  • The rhythmic music program is also designed to stimulate the vestibular system which helps the brain better integrate information related to body position, balance and movement.

2) Improves Auditory and Sensory processing

  • The goal of the SOUNDSORY® music program is to activate the neuronal connections in different areas of the brain through the auditory channel
  • This ultimately trains the ear and the brain to analyze and process sensory information more quickly and accurately.
The program consists of specially designed music processed with neuro-acoustic modifications as well as a series of movement-based exercises.
The program is 30 minutes a day for 40 days.


  • 40 days of rhythmical music
  • Online access to 50+ videos
  • Music processed with a patented Dynamic filter system
  • High quality air and bone conduction speakers
  • Button and Screen to easily navigate
  • 9 hours playtime
  • Bluetooth mode to use it as a regular headset

    *Please read warranty policy before purchase.

    Soundsory is an Educational Program, and is considered neither a medical treatment nor a means to establish a medical diagnosis. The content in this website is for informational purposes only. It should be neither considered as nor substituted for medical advice.