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Review - Edyn (ADD)

Fobrain Review 1« With forbrain on, she wasn't distracted one bit while she was reading. This is huge for her! »

When Edyn was about 11 years old she was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Until she started showing signs of this, I was one of those people that really didn't think that A.D.D was a real thing. Edyn's A.D.D. has had an impact on her learning throughout her school years and affects things like her memory and retention of what she's learned. I have to say that when I was chosen for the review of the Forbrain - Sound for Life Ltd using the bone conduction headset, I cried tears of joy. This could be what we've been waiting for!

How does A.D.D. affect learning?

The first signs of A.D.D. with Edyn were obviously her grades. She was going to public school back then, and her grades were dropping. Of course, both her teachers and I were getting concerned. I don't know if it was mother's instinct or just the symptoms she was having, but I had a real feeling that she was suffering from A.D.D. I started researching, as any mom would do, and everything pointed to the obvious. I started talking more to her teachers and doctors. We did some testing and she was on the severe side of this issue. I was noticing that she had a real problem following through on a lot of tasks that she would start. She would fidget and rock, shake her leg constantly, and blurt out random things. To a person who wasn't educated on A.D.D and didn't know much about it, it just sounded like she didn't have manners. To her, she was lacking the control to hold off with her question because her little mind was like a ticker tape running across the bottom of a t.v. screen.

As the years went on, she was put into classes that were supposed to be a little more one on one. She was eventually even put on medication, and that was not what I wanted. Her A.D.D. is one of the main reasons I started homeschooling her. It was very hard for Edyn to sit still in class without moving or fidgeting. On top of that she wasn't retaining a lot of what they were teaching, so they would move on and she was still lost.

Focus is obviously a huge problem. When Edyn studies, or reads, or does anything with structure, her focus is way off. She has to have it completely quiet with zero noise. Every little thing will distract her while she's trying to study. This is really hard to do in a homeschool setting, can you imagine what it would be like in public school? At least while we homeschool, I can set up an area for her to work, or send the others to a different room while we work. It's just more conducive for her to learn at home.

How did we use Forbrain? What did we think?

Like I said, Edyn has a hard time retaining things that she's learned. We decided to use this while she reads her book, and also with her poetry memorization. She used it to read around 20 minutes a day, sometimes more, and she used it just a few minutes while she worked on her poetry. After reading the very first day, her words were, "Mom, I LOVE THIS THING!!" She, of course, read out loud to me and was able to tell me exactly what she read. She wasn't distracted one bit while she was reading. This is huge for her! She couldn't hear any outside distractions and was able to completely focus on what she was reading. She wanted to keep reading. That is the testimony to it working. Normally while reading she gives up because she has to reread things that she's already read, and just doesn't want to keep having to fight it.

I hope we have conveyed just how much we love this product. It has worked so much for Edyn and we are so thankful for that. Some of the other things that we love about it besides the fact that it works are the long battery life and the fact that it's so portable. It's easily brought anywhere with you because it's super lightweight and the perfect size to throw into a bag. 
If your child or even you are having any issues with attention, speech, or memory, then the bone conduction headset by Forbrain - Sound for Life Ltd is for you!